Anti-Social Forces Policy


Fundamental Policy regarding Anti-Social Forces

Efficiency Capital Advisors (ECA) is committed to actively contributing to the maintenance of stability in our society. It is our policy to take a firm stance against any groups or individuals known as “Anti-Social Forces” in Japan, who seek economic profit through violence, force, and fraudulent means.

Our policy, in accordance with recent guidelines issued by the Financial Services Agency, is as follows:


  1. We will oppose any and all attempts by Anti-Social Forces to associate with us.
  2. We will use the Japanese legal system to protect ECA employees and our business against Anti-Social Forces.
  3. We will take every reasonable measure to protect ECA employees against the activities of Anti-Social Forces during the performance of their work.
  4. We will not respond to any improper requests made by anti-social forces. When we recognise such improper requests, we will deal with such requests by taking civil and criminal legal action against them.
  5. We will continue to support external parties and specialists, including the police, the Center for the Elimination of Crime Syndicates (Boryokudan), and legal counsel in their fight against Anti-Social Forces.

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