How We Work


We begin by assessing your requirements and objectives. We are very “hands-on.” We work closely with you to develop a custom, tailored investment plan in NY, and then proceed to identify and underwrite potential investment opportunities.


As part of our consulting service, we provide you with an extensive education on the commercial real estate market in NY, including local property characteristics, regulations which impact property values, and tax consequences both in the US and in Japan. We place you in a position to make an informed decision regarding the investment.

Realistic and Transparent Financial Projections

We build our financial projections based on real numbers, including all fees. Our goal is to provide a forecast for the investment which is as realistic as possible.

NY-Style Price Negotiation

Also as part of our consulting service, we educate you on the buy-side negotiation process. We explain how it differs from the process in Japan, and how it must be handled in order to (1) compete with local buyers to obtain the best properties, and (2) pay local prices.


Our consulting is not “theoretical.” We work with you to identify opportunities and assess the value, and then negotiate the deal and execute on your behalf.

Full Services through all Investment Phases

We offer full end-to-end services over the entire life-cycle of the investment.

  • In Phase 1, we provide investment consulting, and access to our team of local New York professionals who provide investment sourcing over the entire NYC market, underwriting of the investment, full due diligence (physical, financial, regulatory and legal), US local financing for the investment, deal price and term negotiation, and investment execution services.
  • In Phase 2, our team manages the daily operation of the asset. We handle all tenant issues, rental leasing, capital expenditure controls, NYC compliance issues, and US-side tax reporting, in order to maximize net operating income & long-term capital gains. Our Quarterly Asset Management reports include the Asset Management summary, the detailed Property Management report, the P&L from the CPA, and a Market Update.
  • In Phase 3, we develop and execute the exit and marketing strategy to maximize the value in the disposition, and provide sell-side brokerage services.

Alignment with the Client

In the United States, commercial real estate brokers typically work for the Seller, and they represent the Seller’s interests. After the property has sold, the broker moves on to the next deal, at the point that your investment is just getting started.

We do the opposite. We work for you, the Buyer, and our New York team strives to identify, assess, and negotiate to close the best deal available in the market. We then continue to work for you after the property is purchased to manage the property and maximize net income from the investment.

In this way our interests are aligned, and we work together for mutual benefit over the full term of the investment, from start to finish.

In short, our team represents you, the client, and your investment interests in New York.

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