Investment Principles and Goals

  • “Rule #1: Never Lose Money.” – W. Buffett
  • Generate an above market return for our clients.
  • Reduce overall portfolio risk for our clients.

Common Features of Our Typical Investment Strategies

Commercial Property

Commercial property forms the core of our investments. Unlike stocks or bonds, this is a hard asset, with a value tied directly to the income it generates. In fact, you are buying a business with a long future and considerable stability (providing individuals and corporations in New York City with space to live and work).

Medium to Long-Term

Our objective is to help grow the assets of our clients over the medium to long term. Typically, we target 5, 7, or 10-year investment holds.

Control and Flexibility, especially over the Exit

Unlike a fund, you own and have full control over the underlying asset. And, unlike some property markets, Manhattan is extremely liquid. This allows you, as a Corporate or Individual Client, to freely choose the timing of capital gains and taxes in order to maximize the ultimate after-tax return of your overall business or investment portfolio.

Tax Efficiency

The tax benefits for corporate and individual clients are often very large. Japan clients are often unaware of the opportunity this presents for above market ROI.

Inflation Hedge

As an asset class, studies have shown that commercial real estate can help offset the impact of inflation over the long term. In fact, that benefit is regularly cited as one of the advantages of adding real estate to a mixed-asset portfolio of investments.

Yen Hedge in USD

Dollar-denominated investments provide a cost free hedge of the Yen in USD terms, and the resulting multi-currency portfolio may increase returns and reduce portfolio volatility over the long run. They also provide additional flexibility in the future for international business expansion, or for family members living abroad.

Portfolio Diversification

Presuming the investor is not already overweight in US real estate or in real estate generally, the investment may provide risk reduction through both geographic diversification, and diversification of Asset Class. This may result in a more robust, global portfolio.


As professionals we seek to obey and comply with all local laws in both Japan and New York.

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