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Our Strategy

Our fundamental business strategy is aligned with our core values. It is a Win/Win strategy for long-term success:

  • Leverage our 25-years of expertise in NY to build the wealth of our clients in Japan;
  • Build our reputation by delivering superior value to our clients;
  • Work only with committed clients, willing to pay us for value which we deliver.

Our Values

EXPERTISE: Do one thing, and do it well.

As a local, New York team, we know the market as only native professionals with decades of experience can. This enables us to advise our clients on all aspects relating to the acquisition, operation, and disposition of commercial property in NYC. We have deep, personal professional connections with key players in every aspect of the New York market, so we can source the best deals, including off-market properties.

ETHICS: Do well as a company by doing good.

We seek to build our business by building the wealth of our clients. Our responsibility is to represent your interests in New York, so we will not “jam the client into a bad deal.” We are always prepared if we discover that an investment is not in your best interest, to simply walk away from that particular deal.

We have aligned our wealth building program with this core value. We do not make a “transactional sale.” Instead we stay with you in a continuous business relationship over the life of the investment. We use all our skills to get you, the client, the best deal possible. We expect that in many cases one good deal will lead to another, for repeated business or to referrals to other investors.

EFFICIENCY: Maximize return, and reduce costs.

We are “Efficiency” Capital Advisors, and we are serious about what we mean by Efficiency.

Maximize Returns: We provide you with a high performance team in New York, with an insider’s knowledge built from decades of experience in the New York Commercial Real Estate investment market. Our team can identify superior medium to long-term investment opportunities, and execute from conception to exit.

Reduce Costs: All of our New York ground team members are seasoned professionals, yet we hire them at local prices on the basis of our connections, and with a discount for repeat business. And we do not get in the middle; we pass those discounted fees directly on to you. These savings can easily total tens of thousands of dollars in the first phase of the investment alone. In addition, we keep our internal operating costs low. Ultimately, such costs would end up being passed on to you the client.

Our local team represents you in New York. At every stage of the investment we use our skills for your benefit.

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